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Who we are

Alpaca is a platform where you can easily create digital assets with a team of creative experts who can produce exactly the ad content you need to maximize your performance.

We have created 50,000+ static images, videos, html5 creatives and acquired over 10 million users on Facebook, Instagram, Google and other platforms.

What we do

We create short-form content for advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, and in-app networks.

We design static images, carousels, videos, animations, playables for advertising campaigns for games, sport, entertainment, fashion & beauty, lifestyle, e-commerce and more.

How it works

How it works

1. Share your vision

Describe your project, define objectives, identify target audience. Attach materials and bring up your ideas.

Ran out of ideas? Our passionate team of creative experts will be glad to help you.

2. Get the tough job done by Alpaca team

As your dedicated partner and an extension of your in-house marketing team we manage the whole creative development process:

  • Developing creative concepts
  • Choosing creators that are best for your vision and objectives
  • Moderating & reviewing content
  • Translating ad assets to multiple languages
  • Conducting test launch of ad creatives if needed
3. Enjoy the result and put your ad creatives to work

Share your feedback so your next order of ad creatives is even smarter.

Awesome creatives are in your hands. What’s next?
Manage all your ad content in one place

Central hub

Keep track of all ideas and concepts, create a central repository of ad images, videos, texts organized by projects, classified, tagged and easy to search.


Easily set tasks for in-house designers, connect external creators or get help from the Alpaca crew in just few clicks.

Content protection

Use an advanced system of roles and permissions and get your creatives protected with automatically applied watermarks (videos included).

Compliance assurance

Сomply with all policies using built-in check of the percentage of text on images for Facebook ads and AI-based check for sensitive content.

One-swipe approvals

Easily review and approve your content in a tinder-like manner.

Content publishing

Upload your new content directly to external ad accounts with a single click.

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